Dinner Time Rocks! 06/20/2012

I usually eat at between 6-7pm. I love the Cupboards French Fries

If looking over the Harbor

Having a seat

While enjoying a treat

Look at your feet


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I have a few different setups. One for Oil paint one for Acrylics and one for Watercolor.

So here is my Watercolor set up. It’s so easy to carry around. Other than the box all you need is a napkin or two. Island Art and Hobby down on Main st. carry a similar setup ask for the special water brush. Contact Frontiero@hotmail.com with your photos and info if you use this type of painting kit and i’ll post it and give you a free plug here on this Rag. :)

OK Here’s my Car set up. It’s a Sakura 24 color watercolor box that you can put a 4″x6″ postcard size watercolor paper in it and still have a lot of palette space to mix colors. you can see and or buy my small paintings at the EJ KAHN/GoodMorningGloucester Gallery down at the Madfish Galleries on Rocky Neck this year. HAVE FUN!

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“Art, Rocks!” the Movie

“Art, Rocks!” the Movie

Coming to Movie Theater near you.

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Paint Factory Sunset


Paint Factory Sunset


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“Art, Rocks!” 04/14/2012 6:30pm

All Signs Point To The Northeast

The “ROCK” was dropped off at 6:29pm. Had to give me time to Scram.

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“Art, Rocks!” Old Garden Beach Rockport, Ma

“Art, Rocks!” Old Garden Beach Rockport, Ma

Stopped at The Old Garden Beach Parking lot on a beautiful weekend day a couple of weeks back. I just came from Pebble beach to pick up a few canvas’ and decided to sketch the scene before me. I left it in an obvious spot to be found. I went back the next week and it was gone. I haven’t got a report back yet. We’ll see what happens. Maybe they threw back into the Sea.

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“The Lady Lane”


Lobster Boat “The Lady Lane”

Oil on Panel

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“Good Harbor Creek”

“Good Harbor Creek”

6″x 8″ Oil on panel

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The “Plan B”

“The Plan B”

Herring Seiner out of Gloucester, Massachusetts

Docked at the State Fish Pier

4″x6″ Gouache (opaque watercolor) on Paper

Available for purchase

Contact Paul at:  Frontiero@hotmail.com

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