The Hard Merchandise from Wicked Tuna

Hard Merchandise at rest.

Lately it’s hard to avoid The Hard Merchandise around the harbor working and with multiple cameras pointed at the crew unloading Bluefin Tuna.

I caught the Hard Merchandise at rest where it’s been docked for years. Behind the Madfish Galleries on Rocky Neck.

My camera was the only one there.


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Art Rock 10/29/14 2pm

“Art, Rocks!”
Nautilus rd.
Gloucester, massachusetts
Find me if you can.  :)
10/29/2014 2pm


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Wicked Tuna Helicopter Filming August 2014

Wicked Tuna Helicopter Filming August 2014

Driving by the Boulevard and came across Wicked Tuna filming The Boats heading out of Gloucester Harbor. Shaky start. Didn’t have a tripod handy.


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Gloucester Harbor Sun Down

The Wonson and Tarr Paint Factory

paint mfg sunset dark

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Wicked Tuna August 2014 Gloucester Harbor

Wicked Tuna August 2014 Gloucester Harbor


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“Art, Rocks!” Twinlights 10/10/2014

“Art, Rocks!”  Left at 2:35pm 10/10/2014
Good Harbor Beach. Goodluck finding it!




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Dragonfly Zen

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“Art, Rocks!” Good Harbor Beach 08/05/2014

“Art, Rocks!” Good Harbor Beach.
4:55 pm 8/5/2014



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Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna

This video was taken at the weigh in during the 2012 “Bluefin Blowout”

Wicked Tuna was filming the weigh in for their Cable TV Show. They were there all day and only used about 1:30 minutes of the shoot on the show.




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My Son Paul Frontiero III Receives The 2014 Carnegie Hero Award

Paul Frontiero III Receives The 2014 Carnegie Hero Award

paul and Dominican boy

From the Carnegie Hero Fund Website;


PITTSBURGH, PA, July 2, 2014—In its second award announcement of 2014, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission today named 22 individuals as recipients of the CARNEGIE MEDAL. The medal is given throughout the United States and Canada to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others. Four of the heroes lost their lives in the performance of their lifesaving acts.

Awardee PAUL F. FRONTIERO III, deceased
Nashua, New Hampshire
Paul F. Frontiero III died rescuing Kathryn A. Libby from assault, Nashua, New Hampshire, October 9, 2011. At night, a man armed with a knife exited an automobile that stopped in front of the house where Libby, 29, and others lived. Libby and others were outside the house when the man confronted them in a menacing fashion, and he stabbed Libby repeatedly when she intervened between him and one of her housemates. Another housemate, Frontiero, 27, emergency medical technician, immediately responded from the house, rushed the assailant, and fought against him, freeing Libby. The assailant stabbed Frontiero repeatedly about the arms and torso before fleeing in the car. Frontiero collapsed to the ground, mortally wounded. Libby required hospital treatment for her wounds, from which she recovered.

Click Below For Cathy and Paul Frontiero’s WCVB Channel 5 Interview with Pam Cross!7V11E



pam cross


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