“Paint Factory” Art Rock Found 04/17/2016



Hi Paul,
I’ve been trying to find one of your Art Rocks forever, but some other lucky person always found it first. Today was my lucky day! I read the GMG post at 8:30, raced over to the Fish Pier and drove right up to it. What a thrill!  It’s beautiful! Love the shape and feel of it. My husband loves it too, and we’ll display it proudly and happily on our living room mantle in Riverdale.

Hi Paul.  It’s fine to post tomorrow.  And many thanks again.  We love our Art Rock and will enjoy showing it to family and friends and telling them about you and the Art Rock story.  Thanks for creating great, unique art, the fun of the quest, and for making people happy!

Many thanks for providing the fun of the treasure hunt and for the treasure!
Best Regards,
Aileen and Doug Kern


About capeannpainter

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann. https://capeannpainter.wordpress.com/
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